Friday, October 30, 2009

Nicely Ab-ed (6) :

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cover up da booty! (part 11)........

Agent Tango: So ummm.... Does he skateboard naked?? Hmmm...and then there's the backpack. Studying naked I can understand.... but doing a Nollie in the buff? C'mon now! Cover up that booty! See him at

Agent Tango: Nice top but the nails might be a bit much. Hey! Where are your undies?? Just say "no" to commando! Cover up those cheeks!

Agent Tango: OK. If you're in the shower then it's ok for your booty to be uncovered. However, if the person next to you is a "grabber" then u have no choice : Cover up tha' booty!!

Agent Tango: I've heard of a "beast of the field"..... but a "booty of the field??" What's going on here cowpoke? All of that hay is gonna tickle your tush! Pardner, ya best cover up that booty!

Agent Tango: A hairless hunk. Sleeping on the couch....with his ass all out. Guests might be coming over. Someone needs to wake his ass up and tell him to cover up tha' booty!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Battle of the Bulge! (Act 13)

Agent Tango: Hmmm....Stretching in a thong. A small one at that! I wonder where that forked vein is coming from (or going)? The battle in this scene appears to going straight down but the lack of pouch material and the fact that his arms are up leads me to believe he is about to surrender.

Agent Tango: What a fashionisto. His netting matches his trunks. Great color co-ordination but guess what? You didn't catch anything!...or maybe he did. Is that a trout I see? His battle appears to be up and to the left.

Agent Tango: His battle appears to be up and to the right....I hope he has a Viagra pill in that drink....actually I hope he has 2 pills.....Stay thirsty my friend!

Agent Tango: He is ready for battle.....a small battle.....straight down. Not that I need it >>cough!<< >>cough!<<> but you would think you'd want to wear a large cup to intimidate your opponent....not make him laugh.

Nicely Ab-ed (5) :

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nicely Ab-ed (4) :

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New Agents Wanted.....

Some Agents have gone AWOL, disappeared, or fallen into the lameness pit. Shoot me an IM if you'd like to be considered!

Stuff in the crosshairs.....

!! Cougar alert!!
Agent Tango: It looks like Madonna is up to her old tricks. Tsk...tsk....She is literally old enough to be his grandmother. What will her kids Who are we kidding, he'll be history in 30 days! The two can be seen in "W" magazine this month.

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Agent Tango: I didn't think my shoes smelled this bad. Damn.... he could have at least turned out the light!

Agent Tango: Poor M. P. Well really it was his "friends" that suffered. I still can't believe the cops are saying M.P. won't be charged because they can't "prove" he was really taking a hit. Ummm..... didn't he practically admit it?? LOL. Fine, if he didn't then at least bring him in for questioning? Lame....

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Eye Candy (Series 5)

Agent Tango: Hmmmm.....maybe in Rio.....

Agent Tango: He's kinda skinny....the trunks are kinda baggy. But I guess they work.

Agent Tango: Nice blue trunks.

Agent Tango: An excellent photographer. See more here and here.

Agent Tango: Nice arrangement of colors and use of effects. A cool pic.